For the first time in its history, the Science Centre will not be receiving visitors this spring break. But the tradition goes on!  In addition to preparing for a safe reopening, our team is offering a set of science activities for families to enjoy, including a science photo rally.

A photo rally that takes you outdoors

Science is everywhere and it is more important than ever to get some fresh air, so the Science Centre is inviting young people to grab their phone or digital camera and join the Explore Your Break photo rally. Inspired by the Explore exhibition, which introduces key principles of science and technology, the photo rally is a challenge in 7 categories, with prizes provided by Volvo and Ubisoft Education.

From the Science Centre to your living room

While waiting to reopen its doors, the Science Centre is offering online activities so that families across Quebec can get their fill of science while having fun:

Entertaining experiments

With more than twenty experiments to do at home, ScienceXpress is the perfect family activity. In addition to being instructive, it inevitably generates its share of memories, laughter and "wow". Find an experiment that appeals to you and let science surprise you.

Antistress exercises

Take a break from stress. The Montréal Science Centre offers four exercises that help you reduce and manage everyday stress and learn to relax. A great way to start building good habits and taking care of your mental health.

Online games

Video game enthusiasts can face some major challenges on our website: climate change (Climate Tactics), fake news (Truth or Lie? The Game), a mysterious epidemic (Morbus Delirium), and even a murder to solve (Autopsy of a Murder).

IMAX® documentaries at a bargain price

Travelling has never been so economical. Until we can enjoy the real IMAX® TELUS experience, fans are invited to explore China, Egypt, Australia and even the Arctic with 8 films at bargain prices. No hotel reservations required.

About the Montréal Science Centre

The Montréal Science Centre, a division of the Canada Lands Company, is a complex dedicated to science and technology. It is characterized by its accessible, interactive approach and its showcasing of local innovation and expertise. Its partners are TELUS, Volvo, Énergir, The Beat 92.5 and La Presse +.