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Natrel Skating Rink

Want to stretch your legs? Come and do a few turns on the Old Port Natrel skating rink! It is well-known for the quality of its ice (outstanding!) and for its beautiful views of Old Montreal.

Montréal Science Centre

Located in the heart of the Old Port, the Montréal Science Centre is a choice destination for families.

Clock tower

The Clock Tower is a multi-purpose building. Over the years it has served several roles: to honour the memory of lost sailors, to mark the entrance to the port, to conceal neighbouring storage sheds, and, of course, to indicate the time!

Volcanoes 3D

Embark on a riveting adventure that explores how the Earth we know today came to be.

Pandas 3D

Prepare yourself for an endearing encounter with little panda bears learning to be big.


Discover the culture of powwows* and share in an authentic Indigenous encounter.


Showcasing a hundred archived images, Wintering takes users on an augmented reality quest set to the beat of the port’s winter season.

Smoothies & Limonade

Smoothies & Limonade offers refreshing fruit smoothies and a delicious homemade lemonade.

oTENTik Accommodation

Escape the ordinary in these unique, comfortable, and carefree accommodations in the heart of Old Montréal.

Europea Mobile

A creative culinary experience, putting Quebecois dishes at the forefront, using street food as our platform

Rodeo-style Speedboating

Ever faster and farther, these high-speed boats will take you on a wild chase along the river.

Le Petit Navire

Check out this environmentally-friendly ride! Come aboard one of these electricity-powered boats and enjoy a charming excursion along the Old Port and Lachine Canal.


Chez Leon, a holiday tradition

Clock Tower Beach

Enjoy Montreal’s urban beach for a little break or for the whole day!


All through summer, Muvbox will feature Quebec products, inclu...

Felix and Norton

Created in Montreal in 1985, these gourmet cookies are famous...


A choice of Taglio pizza using only fresh produce.

Pizza Box

Roman style pizza with a local flavour

SOS Labyrinthe

A memorable adventure to experience with family and friends.

Voiles en voiles

Voiles en Voiles offers outdoor activities in the 18th century world of Pirates and Royal Ships.

Cité Mémoire

Loosely based on the history of Montréal, Cité Mémoire presents a cast of characters offering first-hand accounts of how the city has evolved over the course of history


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King-Edward Quay

King-Edward Quay

At the Montreal Science Centre

Clock Tower Quay

Clock Tower Quay

Access via Berri St. or De la Commune heading west