Montreal, March 26 2020 – During this period of social distancing, the Science Centre may not be accessible, but science always is. Because parents and children need stimulating, fun activities, the Science Centre team will be offering experiments and games over the next few weeks.

Science everywhere, all the time 

Thanks to ScienceXpress, scientists of all ages will be able to experiment with products easily found at home. In addition, online games like Climate Tactics and Autopsy of a Murder  blend practicality and pleasure by presenting ideas for fighting climate change and revealing the forensic professions through entertaining games.  Parents looking for activities are invited to visit our Games and experiments page at:

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And that's not all. They may be confined to home, but our Science Centre programming team have not lost their passion for science. That's why they will be offering credible, quality scientific content and activities to our Facebook subscribers in the coming weeks. Follow via and select See first  to keep up with the latest suggestions from our team.

To build a bow and use it on a "coronavirus" target, click here! 

About the Montréal Science Centre

With more than 750,000 visitors annually, the Montréal Science Centre is a complex dedicated to science and technology. It is characterized by its accessible, interactive approach and its showcasing of local innovation and know-how. The Science Centre is a division of Canada Lands Company. Its partners are TELUS, Volvo, The Beat 92.5 and La Presse+.



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