Montréal, February 11, 2020 - Starting February 15, visitors to the Montréal Science Centre will be able to experience the life of an astronaut, thanks to our latest major exhibition: Journey to Space.

In a galaxy near you    

Space is a dangerous place. To survive there, humans must face daunting challenges. This inescapable premise will confront visitors at the start of their epic journey. Divided into five interactive zones, Journey to Space will enable visitors to grasp the panoply of obstacles that astronauts living in space must overcome in order to perform actions that seem simple on terra firma: eating, sleeping, and even going to the toilet. In addition to controlling a robotic arm, aspiring astronauts will be able to enter a life-size reproduction of the International Space Station’s Destiny laboratory and experience the disorientation of weightlessness while keeping their feet on Earth. 

The future of extraterrestrial exploration

While the whole world was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing in 2019, many began to dream about Mars. The red planet is fascinating and recent technological advances have allowed us to foresee a new phase in space exploration. Thanks to the work of engineers, artists and futurologists, Journey to Space lets visitors imagine the future of space exploration.

The Science Centre has added several elements to the exhibition to highlight Canada's contribution to space exploration. To be visited in conjunction with Water in the Universe, our zone containing a touchable lunar rock on loan from NASA.

A Journey to Space is produced by the Science Museum of Minnesota and the California Science Center with support from NASA.

About the Montréal Science Centre

The Montréal Science Centre is a complex dedicated to science and technology, with more than 700,000 visitors annually. It is characterized by its accessible, interactive approach and its showcasing of local innovation and know-how. Its partners are TELUS, Volvo, Énergir, Cogeco & La Presse +.



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