Past event

Bota Bota, offers a new relaxing activity for little ones. On a few selected ped days this year, parents and young sailors starting at 10 years old will be able to enjoy the water circuit together from 9am till 12pm.

Calendar of events includes: Water circuit, massages, Yoga and Meditation class!


November 16 - 9 A.M. to noon 
December 7 - 9 A.M. to noon 
January 21 - 9 A.M. to noon
February 18 - 9 A.M. to noon
April 5- 9 A.M. to noon
May 17 - 9 A.M. to noon
June 27 - 9 A.M. to noon


Layover water circuit: rate in effect for parents, -10$ on the rate in effect for kids from 10 to 17 y-o. Reservation required, 40 spots available.

60 minute massage: 100$ for parents, 80$ for kids (15$ off is the massage is paired to a water circuit). Can be taken in solo or duo, at the parent’s discretion. Recommended for kids starting at 12 y-o.