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Commercial Projects

Thank you for your interest in the Old Port of Montreal!

Please note that we consider all the proposals submitted and save them for two years with complete confidentiality for possible opportunities. Rest assured that we will contact you if your project fits our mission, our development plan and our future needs.

The site of the Old Port is always researching new projects whose nature and impacts, while commercial, enhance the visitor experience. The majority of activities and business operations undertaken by the merchant is either on a permanent or seasonal bases (boutiques, restaurants, cruises, or recreational and touristic attractions). Certain activities or products are operated directly by the Corporation, such as the parking lots, the Port d’escale, the Clock Tower Beach, and the Montreal Science Centre.

The commercial projects proposals must fall under one of the following categories:

Tourist activities and services
•    Projects that take place in the basins, parks and other converted spaces on the site outdoor games, sports,  discovery or relaxation activities. 

Cruises, excursions and maritime attractions

•    Innovative projects such as cruises and rides on the river, to promote its value.
•    Proposals must take into account the security standards currently in place and understand the geographic and nautical constraints of the St Lawrence River

•    Innovative projects in terms of restauration
•    Proposals must take all currently applicable standards into consideration

Summer boutiques
•    Located in containers along the Bonsecours basin promenade, in front of La Grande Roue 
•    Benefit from the Bonsecours basin and its promenade visitors.  
•    Must have an original theme and present a wide selection of commonly used articles or items specifically related to the theme of the shop.


For all information requests pertaining to commercial projects, please contact us at the following address:

Commercial project proposal form

Tell us about the type of business (recreational and touristic activities, services, Cruises and Excursions, restaurants, summer shops). Describe your concept, target audience, development, operation and standards of operations.
At the moment, do you offer a similar service on another site?
How many years do you offer this service? Tell us about your experience in this field.
annual financial forecast
According to your business plan, what is the amount apportioned to the rent?
One file only.
50 MB limit.
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