Attraction Development Opportunity | Old Port of Montréal

Attraction Development Opportunity

Hangar 16 : an incredible 42,000 sq. ft site in #1 touristic destination in Québec

The Old Port of Montréal Corporation Inc. (OPMC) is seeking a new year-round, family-oriented attraction that will deliver a world class guest experience to the Old Port of Montréal, in the Province of Quebec.

Opportunity Overview

The Old Port of Montréal attracts more than six million visitors annually. The area located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River completes a string of regional green spaces, and features a range of attractions and events. The most notable Old Port attractions are the Montréal Science Centre, the Montréal Observation Wheel, Bota-Bota (high-end spa on a converted ferry), the Bateau-Mouche river cruise, as well as 50 other activities, shops and restaurants along a 40-hectare heritage area in the City of Montréal. The Jacques-Cartier Pier, which is adjacent to the Clock Tower Pier, is also the summer home of the Cirque du Soleil and a number of other large-scale annual events.

The site being considered for attraction development is on the Clock Tower Pier, which is owned by the OPMC, and is currently improved by an industrial building known as Hangar 16. This two-storey building covers a gross floor area of 42,000 square feet (3,900 m2), and measures 47 feet high (15 m). The Hangar 16 building could either be redeveloped or replaced by a commercial building of the same footprint.


The Process

CBRE has been engaged to administer an Invitation to Bid (“ITB”) submission process on behalf of the Old Port of Montréal Corporation. The ITB process will enable OPMC to receive and evaluate Bids, and if a proposal meets the requirements, move into a negotiation process with the Preferred Bidder who will finance, design, build, operate and maintain a year-round, family-oriented attraction with the Old Port of Montréal at Hangar 16. The Preferred Bidder may be an individual company or a consortium of companies.

To obtain a copy of the ITB, or if you have any questions regarding this process, please direct any queries in writing, via email to:


Rebecca Godfrey, CMC. MBA - Senior director, CBRE :