The Perspective 235° and its Passerelle | Old Port of Montréal

The Perspective 235° and its Passerelle


The holding of events is currently suspended until further notice, but we remain available to answer your requests and questions. It is still possible to reserve our rooms for your future events.

With a name that evokes the stunning panoramic view of Old Montreal and the city’s downtown sector, Perspective 235° will impress you with its wall of windows and fantastic view. The private outdoor terrace opens onto a striking urban setting, most enjoyable during the summer. Perspective 235° can easily be coupled with the Passerelle, an adjacent multifunctional space that is unique as a result of its size and bilateral windows.

Perspective 235° and its Passerelle
Configuration Capacity
Empty Hall 1193 perspectivepasserelle.pdf
Cocktail 1193 perspective_et_passerelle_cocktail.pdf
Cocktail - balcony 127
Banquet - 60" table 552 perspective_et_passerelle_banquet_60_po.pdf
Banquet - 72" table 560 perspective_et_passerelle_banquet_72_po_1.pdf
Banquet - square tables 456 perspective_et_passerelle_banquet_table_carre_6x6_1.pdf
Theatre 904 perspective_et_passerelle_theatre_1.pdf
Booth 8x10 45 perspective_et_passerelle_kiosque_8x10_1.pdf
Booth 10x10 44 perspective_et_passerelle_kiosque_10x10_1.pdf
Perspective 235
Configuration Capacity
Cocktail 550 perspective_235_cocktail_1.pdf
Cocktail - balcony 127
Banquet - 60" table 344 perspective_235_banquet_60po_1.pdf
Banquet - 72" table 350 perspective_235_banquet_72po_1.pdf
Banquet - square table 272 perspective_235_banquet_table_carr+(r)_6x6_0.pdf
Theatre 561 perspective_235_theatre_1.pdf
School 228 perspective_235_+ecole_1.pdf
U shape 72 perspective_235_style_u_1.pdf
Square shape 96 perspective_235_style_carre_1.pdf
Booth 8x10 26 perspective_235_kiosque_8x10_1.pdf
Booth 10x10 26 perspective_235_kiosque_10x10.pdf
Configuration Capacity
Cocktail 643 passerelle_cocktail_1.pdf
Banquet - 60" table 208 passerelle_banquet_60po_1.pdf
Banquet - 72" table 210 passerelle_banquet_72po_1.pdf
Banquet - square tables 184 passerelle_tables_carr+(r)_6x6_0.pdf
Theatre 343 passerelle_theatre_1.pdf
School 138 passerelle_ecole_1.pdf
Square shape 114 passerelle_style_carre_1.pdf
Booth 8x10 19 passerelle_kiosque_8x10_1.pdf
Booth 10x10 18 passerelle_kiosque_10x10_1.pdf
  • Catering area: Convection oven, cold room and ice machine

    Private outdoor terrace

    Permanent stage

    Stage lighting

    Video projector 20 000 lumens 3-Chip DLP

    Lectern with one microphone

    Integrated sound system

    Retractable glass wall to separate the Passerelle and Perspective 235o

    Stage risers (4)

    Motorized curtains