The Panoramic Hall is an impressive modern, industrial space. Here, the skyscrapers in downtown Montreal and the large buildings in historic Old Montreal provide a spectacular backdrop for your event. Its large windows make it extremely versatile and a particularly attractive location for holding a prestigious event.


Features and amenities
Food court: convection oven, refrigerator 
Lectern with integrated microphone 
Integrated sound system 
Motorized curtains 
Stage elevators (4) 



Pieces Dimensions


Area: 305 m2 (3,283 ft2)

Length: 24.2 m (79 ft 4 in)

Width: 12 ft (42 ft 1 in)

Ceiling Height: 4.1m (13'6 ")

Electrical Capacity

8 15A – 120V sockets

200A 120/208V