Rainy Day? Yay! 5 Fun Indoor Activities

Grey skies don’t mean the day can’t be exciting! Brighten everything up with a nice collection of indoor activities at the Old Port! Bring the family for more fun per square foot than you’ll find anywhere else. Break up the day by stepping in and out of different universes each more fascinating than the next… not too shabby for a rainy day!

The Montréal Science Centre


Kids ask a lot of questions, and we bet yours ask even more! Why is this? How is that? Have no fear, let them loose inside the Montréal Science Centre and share in the marvel and wonder with them too! There’s something for everyone.

Part museum and part amusement hall, the Science Centre is all about making science approachable, accessible and hands-on. Face your fears and learn the fascinating secrets of those scary arachnids in the Spiders: From Fear to Fascination exhibition. These little marvels will amaze you... if you let them!

That’s just our feature exhibition. We’ve also got activities like the Fabrik creativity workshop and the Human exhibition. Turn raindrops into a day of discovery!

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The IMAX®TELUS Theatre

superpower dogs

Offering you the best immersive 3D experience is why the IMAX®TELUS Theatre was built. Located inside the Science Centre, pair up an exhibition pass with a combo film+exhibition pass and add a little cinema to your day!

Superpower Dogs 3D takes you on a whirlwind ride alongside a team of elite rescue dogs in a live-action adventure. Meet amazing lifesaving dogs from around the world and learn about the special bonds they develop with their human counterparts.

Volcanoes 3D takes you into the depths of the Earth to discover its origins in a breathtaking adventure. Follow a National Geographic photographer that has no qualms about looking danger in the eye… he chases active lava flows for a living! Then there’s Qian Qian, the adorable panda cub who will melt your heart bumbling through her loveable adventures in Pandas 3D.

Decisions, decisions, which film will you see?

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SOS Labyrinthe 

sos labyrinthe

How good is your sense of direction? Or are you the one who can’t live without GPS? Come get lost… and found! Located in the Old Port’s Hanger 16, SOS Labyrinthe invites you on a quest to find four treasures hidden in a 2-km maze. Learn about the history of the Old Port, its longshoremen and the Mighty St. Lawrence as you weave your way through a labyrinth filled with obstacles, surprises and dead ends!

Traps, diversions, false leads… you’ll laugh out loud and shriek with delight. Don’t worry though, there’s always a longshoreman nearby (on roller skates!) to help get you back on track… or not! 

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The Clock Tower


Got some extra energy to burn? Who doesn’t love a challenge? How about climbing 192 steps up the Clock Tower? Here’s the prize: A spectacular view of the St. Lawrence and the city from 45 metres above ground!

You’ll also learn all about the Clock Tower’s numerous vocations. It commemorates seamen lost at sea, it marks the entrance to the port, it hides the neighbouring hangars, oh, and it also tells time!

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Through the Echoes


Have you seen it? They built a pyramid in the Old Port. It’s the PY1 pyramid where visitors immerse themselves and become part of a multisensory show swimming in lights and sounds. Through the Echoes is a 60-minute sensory odyssey that travels through space and time in a technological trip that will leave you feeling and reeling.

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