Five Unique Ways to Tour the Old Port

Bored with walking? Here are some new and lively ways to get around the Old Port and explore its many treasures. Thanks to its unique waterfront location and picturesque promenade, you’ll see something new and discover fresh points of view with each of these delightful (and exciting!) modes of transport. Let’s go for a spin!

Quadricycle vs. Pedal Boat – Try Both!


We’ve all seen the Old Port from land – ever wonder what it looks like from the water? Take a pedal boat and find out! Cuddle up with your sweetheart or jump aboard with family and friends and enjoy a great escape with the best of what the summer has to offer… the heat of the city sun and the fresh riverside breeze. Rentals can extend until midnight. Catch an unbelievable view of the city at sundown, it’s breathtaking!

So, what’s a quadricyle anyway? An idea borrowed from Europe’s biggest cities, these multi-seat bikes offer you a fun and easy way to scoot around the Old Port. Choose a three-seater or a six-seater and start pedalling! What’s not to love when you’re motoring around as a team!

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Segway and Hoverboard – For the Glide of Your Life!


Getting around without lifting a finger, now that’s getting around in style! This summer explore the Old Port’s heritage site on a Segway or a hoverboard. Segways are self-balancing stand-up electric vehicles on wheels built for one. That’s right, no need to keep your balance, the Segway does it for you. What’s that? You say you’ve got great balance? Then try a hoverboard! The right-under-your-feet mode of transportation that gets up to 15 km/h.

We’ll quickly show you the ropes and then you can set off to explore the history of the Old Port using the guide aboard these futuristic marvels. Take the regular tour, the sunset tour, or the one exploring Montréal’s industrial revolution.

Learn more about guided tour on Segways and hoverboards

The Bateau-Mouche Cruise Experience


A charming cruise experience is just steps away! Day or night, the Bateau-Mouche cruise is a delightfully enjoyable ride. From the main deck, the upper deck or the beautiful terrace, the sparkling lights of the Bateau-Mouche are sure to dazzle you and your gang.

Daytime excursions are accompanied by a guide to help you discover the island of Montréal from a whole new angle. Recommended for tourists and Montrealers alike! Nighttime excursions include fresh local cuisine too for a delicious dinner cruise experience.

Climb aboard this authentic city-side cruise that will make you fall in love with Montréal… again and again.

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Le Petit Navire – Eco-cruising!

Petit Navire

Can cruising be green? Yes! Climb aboard one of these unique electricity-powered boats and enjoy a delightful tour of the Old Port area.

Set off to explore the Mighty St. Lawrence and the heritage of Old Montréal on these 45-minute daytime cruises departing every hour on the hour between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

What’s more, on Wednesdays and Saturdays in July, make the evening unforgettable by booking a cruise right under the booming lights of the 35th edition of the International des Feux Loto-Québec fireworks competition. Wow!

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Travel Smart aboard Maritime Shuttles

Are you the kind who wants to explore even farther than your feet or bike wheels can take you? Curious about what lies beyond the Old Port? This pilot project is made for you! Try the maritime shuttles linking the east end’s Pointe-aux-Trembles to the Old Port and explore a whole new segment of the island. It’s not only a great public transit option, but it’s a great way to travel the St. Lawrence at a great price! 

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