Enjoy Four Extraordinary Escapes (without leaving town!)

Still waiting for that holiday feeling? Looking for a little R&R? Head down to the Old Port of Montréal for a relaxing riverside romp. Who says you have to leave town to enjoy some downtime? Check out these four Old Port favourites and take a few hours off from your everyday grind.

Yoga on the Beach under the City Skyline


Ahh, the soothing sound of the waves. A perfect backdrop for a yoga session and the ideal setting to fill up on some serenity. Every Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., the Old Port of Montréal is the place to enjoy a moment to yourself and reconnect with mind and body. Bring your mat and come breathe in the riverside breeze and breathe out the stress of the day. It all happens at Clock Tower Beach.

Doing yoga outdoors is so rewarding! The sound of the water, the feel of the sand between your toes and the fresh river air will perk up your senses and help your body replenish and refuel.

Add this zen-full pitstop to your weekly routine but remember… this activity only lasts as long as the summer. Only a few weeks left! Join in!

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The Ultimate River Spa Experience


What do you know about Bota Bota spa-sur-l’eau? For starters, there’s no place like it anywhere in the world. Safely anchored at the Old Port of Montréal and tucked away inside a refurnished ferry, this spa combines the natural rhythms of the river with the comforts and calm of a spa experience. Climb aboard and get pampered as the waves rock you and relax you. You’ll walk away feeling soothed, serene and satisfied…

Bota Bota features five decks, a floating terrace, a restaurant and a modern garden in which all of the spa’s installations are embedded. Aboard you can enjoy thermal baths, massages and body care in an exceptional environment surrounded by breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence and Old Montréal. It’s the quintessential lap of luxury!

Once you’ve completed your soothing Bota Bota experience, why not treat yourself to some delicious fare just steps away? Try a delectable lobster roll, a pizza or MUVBOX’s famous clam chowder.

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The Bateau-Mouche: More than Just a Cruise


Renting a lakeside cabin is nice and all, but there are other ways to escape, let loose and enjoy the water.

Make your great escape at the Old Port of Montréal! There’s nothing quite like a relaxing cruise to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one. Grab a ticket and climb aboard the Bateau-Mouche and let the wonders of the water refill your cup.

A daytime cruise or an evening cruise, with friends, with family, or with that special someone, the Bateau-Mouche experience caters to it all.

And the views… oh those beautiful views! From the main deck, the upper deck or its gorgeous terrace, the delightful lights of the Bateau-Mouche will enchant you.

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Glorious Food in Delightful Settings


These three dining hot spots are yours to discover and enjoy (and brag about!). You’ll find them all on the Old Port of Montréal site.

Le Marché des Éclusiers (the Lock Keepers Market in French) brings together the very best of Québec’s terroir. Located directly on the Lachine Canal, the market features a restaurant serving up seasonal fare, a bar and a farmer’s market. This unique market space is spilling with delicious Québec-grown farm-to-market products and is also intended to help build community between producers, merchants and consumers mindful of sustainable agriculture and sustainable development.

Let the colours, savours and peacefulness of this delightful market take you away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Delicious can be oh-so lovely! Learn more

Enjoy views of the marina and the city skyline from a sumptuous setting at Scena. Soak up the sun, the landscape and delightful refreshments on one of the bistro’s three terraces and enjoy an extended summer season happy hour alongside a delicious menu off the grill. This happening little bistro is also the quintessential hot spot for foodies looking to enjoy the Old Port fireworks. Day or night, Scena offers an enjoyable and unforgettable scene. Chin-chin! Learn more

Riva is the Old Port of Montréal’s newest outdoor restaurant featuring an oversized and very happening terrace experience. Lunch under the sun, happy hour with friends, intimate dining with that special someone, complete with a vast selection of Prosecco, champagne, wine and Riva-branded cocktails… not to mention the wide range of al taglio pizza featuring fresh and delightfully filling ingredients. Finish off the experience with a deliciously crafted gelato. Learn more