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This winter, there will be fireworks on December 31 in the Old Port of Montreal. Unlike previous years, there will be no fireworks every Saturday evening in December. 

Public Transit

By metro

Champ-de-Mars, Place d'Armes or Square-Victoria stations

By Bus

Line 75 de la Commune (McGill / Wellington stop)
Map - Line 75
Schedule - Line 75

Line 55 Saint-Laurent (Saint-Laurent / Saint-Jacques stop)
Map - Line 55
Schedule - Line 55

Line 715 Vieux-Montréal/Vieux-Port
Map - Line 715
Schedule - Line 715

For other options, visit


Commuter Trains

Lucien-Lallier station, connected to Lucien-Lallier metro station
Central Station, connected to Bonaventure metro station

Maritime Shuttles

An original and very efficient way to come to the Quays, especially during the Tall Ships! Maritime shuttles


Getting here by car

Main entrances to the site and parking lots are on de la Commune and Berri Streets or Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

Clock Tower Quay

Access via Berri or direction de la Commune West 711 parking places

King-Edward Quay (Montréal Science Centre)

Access via St-Laurent Boulevard: 525 parking places

Parking rates


 0-61 minutes


 62-181 minutes


 3 to 12  hours 


 12 to 24 hours



Special events:  $20 between 6pm and 11pm on firework nights.

Prices subject to change without notice. Lost ticket: $25

Payment methods: Visa, Master Card and cash. 

We DO NOT accept Interac

Taxes included (GST : 5% + QST : 9.975%)

Monthly pass available. Contact us for information: 514-496-1851

For skating ring clients

Skaters can get a 25% off parking coupon when they purchase their tickets to the skating rink. The rebate is only avaible for Clock Tower Quay.

Not applicable on fireworks nights



Wi-Fi network

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is the name of the technology that allows users to access a local wireless network connected to the Internet.

The Old Port’s Wi-Fi network is provided free of charge within an area along the Promenade from the Maison des Éclusiers (West) to Shed 16 (East).

How do I access Wi-Fi on the Quays?

To access Wi-Fi on the Quays of the Old Port, you need a wireless-enabled computer or PDA.

While you are on the Promenade (see map of coverage area), simply tell your device to connect to the network called "Vieux-Port de Montréal"

Next, open your Web browser. A connection page will open. Click "Connect" and you’re done! You will now be able to surf the Web.

Wheelchairs available

Wheelchairs available at the Montréal Science Centre box office. Free service by presenting an ID (driver's license, health insurance card, etc.).

Public consultation

By 2017, the public consultations will lead to a master plan for the revitalization of the Old Port of Montréal, including the Pointe-du-Moulin site and its Silo no. 5. In view of the upcoming celebrations of Canada’s 150th anniversary and Montréal’s 375th, OPMC wants to create an innovative renewal in terms of urban design, landscape and sustainability for Montréalers.
For more information please visit:



To ensure a safe and pleasant visit to the Quays to all its visitors, the Old Port of Montréal Corporation has implemented site regulations. The Prevention/Protection Department sees to their application.


Shirt and shoes required


  • No littering
  • Recycling bins available


Walking a pet on site is tolerated provided they are on a leash. To avoid endangering or disturbing others, we ask that persons accompanying the animal promptly pick up all droppings and maintain control of the animal at all times. Please note that animals are not allowed inside any of the buildings and are not permitted on Clock Tower Beach.

Alcohol and tobacco

  • Alcohol may be consumed only in designated areas
  • No smoking indoors


  • No fires
  • No swimming
  • No camping
  • No potentially hazardous activities
  • Noise must be kept to reasonable levels
  • Fishing is forbidden on the site with the exception of the ice fishing village at the Clock Tower Quay, within its hours of operation.

Traffic Regulations

  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all times.
  • Skateboards are not permitted on site.
  • Unless otherwise authorized by the OPMC, motorized vehicles (electric or gas-powered) are not permitted in any area closed to automobile traffic (such as the promenade). Mobility devices (such as motorized wheelchairs and three- or four-wheeled scooters), bicycles, and electric pedal bikes are permitted in these areas.
  • Automobile traffic is only permitted in the Alexandra, King Edward, and Clock Tower parking lots and on their access roads.
  • Any and all traffic anywhere on the OPMC site must respect the 10 km/h speed limit.


  • Obey signage
  • No RVs


  • No stopping on the tracks
  • Do not pass trains
  • No crossing the tracks when a train is stopped

Soliciting and events

  • No soliciting on the site
  • No sale, exhibition, posting or distribution of promotional material
  • Activities may not be held or promoted on the site without permission
  • Filming or photography for other than personal use must be authorized


  • Must follow rules, signage and staff instructions
  • Boats must be moored at the Port d'escale, Yacht Club Montréal or locks (while waiting to lock through)
  • Boats may not be launched without SVPM authorization

Complete regulations

Complete regulations are available from the Prevention/Protection Department
Tel. : 514-496-0606

Noise management policy



The mission of the Old Port of Montreal Corporation is to manage, develop, and hold activities on a large urban Site dedicated to recreation, tourism and culture, a place for fun and discovery. Within this context, the OPMC provides its millions of visitors with event programming and commercial services that may affect the noise environment.

With a view to pursuing its mission while taking into consideration the tourist and residential vocation of the historic Old Port neighbourhood, the OPMC had adopted a Noise Management Policy that defines standards and criteria for events and merchants, and other enterprises that affect the noise environment at the Old Port and its surroundings.

This policy applies to the following :

  • Sound created by unique events, whether on stage or not, including outdoor music concerts, whether amplified or not, and;
  • Sound emanating from merchants and their outdoor terraces, including amplified and non-amplified music.


General application

  • No music, whether amplified or not, coming from unique outdoor events and/or from establishments and/or commercial terraces shall be heard from rue de la Commune in an area bound by the Mills Bridge to the West, rue de la Commune to the North, the Clock Tower Beach to the East, and the Saint Lawrence River to the South, unless prior authorization to the contrary is obtained from the OPMC.
  • As required, the OPMC will measure sound using devices made for that purpose, for the purpose of controlling and verifying adherence to established standards. A representative of the OPMC is authorized to take these measurements, and has the power to intervene with the Producers or Merchants at any time if the standards are not respected.
  • Producers of unique events and Merchants must adhere to this policy, and must submit themselves to any decision made by representatives of the OPMC while events are being held or during normal proceedings.
  • Any breach of this policy or failure to adhere to the directives issued by OPMC personnel shall be considered a failing, and may be subject to the sanctions outlined in the agreement signed with the OPMC.

Application for programming event

The acceptable sound level during unique outdoor events, including sound-checks, is 80 decibels (dB(A)) between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., unless prior authorization to the contrary is obtained from the OPMC.

Application for merchants

The acceptable sound level produced by merchants (including terraces) is 80 decibels (db(A)) inside the building and on the outdoor terrace or respecting the perceptible limit within the territory of the OPMC.


The Old Port of Montreal Corporation is a member of the Table de concertation du Vieux-Montréal, along with representatives of the Association des commerçants and residents of the neighbourhood. The OPMC works with the Permits and inspections division of the Borough of Ville-Marie to ensure that noise regulations are observed. The OPMC agrees to notify them of its event scheduling and its commercial activities in order to keep the work groups informed of OPMC activities that may affect the noise environment for visitors and residents.

The Old Port of Montreal Corporation is certified “Qualité Tourisme” by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec, and makes every possible effort to providing an unparalleled tourist experience for its visitors while respecting its external environment.


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