Boutique Patin Patin

Skates Rental and Sharpening

PATIN PATIN offers sharpening and renting of ice skates. You can also find for sale in our shops articles useful for skaters, such as: blade guards, protective helmets, gloves, socks, skate coach, etc.   



  • Same schedule as the skating rink.

Rates and payment methods

  • Plus applicable taxes

    Location de patins : 10 $

    Padlock rental : 4 $

    Helmet rental : 4 $

    Skate coach rental : 4 $

    Harness rental : 2 $

    Sharpening : 7 $

    Debur : 4 $

    Skate coach sale : 35 $

    Laces sale : 5 $

    Tape sale : 4 $

    Skates guard sale : 8 $

    Athletic socks sale : 6 $

    Gloves sale : 3 $

  • Skating classes

    Skating classes allow kids and families to discover an accessible winter activity while enjoying special moments together. Through games, circuits and free practice, they will discover different basic techniques, such as standing in balance, advancing, getting up, turning and braking.
    Aims and Objectives
    • Offer young people and their families the opportunity to discover a new activity
    • Develop basic physical skills required for winter activities (balance, strength, coordination, inhibition, etc.)
    • Provide a safe learning environment
    • Encourage families to practice this winter activity for the rest of their lives
    For who?
    The workshops are for beginners of at least 6 years of age.
    Old Port of Montreal skating rink
    The cost is $ 24.99 plus tax, which includes skates and a helmet.
    Access to the ice rink is an extra fee.
    Saturdays and Sundays from 10h00 to 11h00, duration of 1 hour.
    Reservation recommended:

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