Privacy policy

The Société du Vieux-Port de Montréal is the only owner of the information collected on this site. We will not sell, divide or rent this information to third parties in any other manner than what is stated in this policy.

Information provided through electronic forms

The email address or any information provided through electronic forms are kept confidential at any time. They are only used for ends of correspondence between you and our personal. The "private" information (not revealed on the site) will remain at any time for the exclusive use of The Société du Vieux-Port de Montréal.


Standard cookies on the site are strictly used to facilitate your navigation.

Google Analytics and advertising cookies

Several features of Google Analytics are active on this site. In particular, data collected via Google Analytics allow us to associate your data and statistics of visits on this site to other information in our possession about users, but this process is at all times made anonymous, so that it is impossible to know the real identity of a user that goes through our Web site.

As well, we do not provide through Google Analytic any data to Google or third parties that could personally identify an individual. If they are in our possession, information such as the name, email address or any data that permits the permanent identification of a specific device (for example, a mobile phone serial number), is never included, even in encrypted form.

The implementation of Google Analytics includes the following features:
-Remarketing with Google Analytics
-Creation of reports related to the impressions on the Google Display network
-Creation of reports and statistics on the demographics and interests centres of Google Analytics
-Tracking cookie for the Google DoubleClick service

These features allow Google Analytics to collect and gather data about our traffic through Google advertising cookies and anonymous identifiers, in addition to the data obtained with the standard implementation of Google Analytics.

It is possible to disable these Google Analytics features as well as the specialized advertising cookies associated using the following link:
or, alternatively, by using the application/plugin designed by Google for this purpose:

Contests and surveys

Our site sometimes collects Internet surfer's information via contest or surveys. Participation in these activities remains voluntary and the user always has the choice to reveal or not this information. Coordinates will be taken in order to inform the winner of a contest or to send a price if necessary. In the case of a survey, the provided information will be mainly used for the improvement of products and services offered.


The Société du Vieux-Port de Montréal makes sure of the security and integrity of the information relating to its customers and sets up safety measures in order to avoid loss, diversion or modification of information under its control.

Right of access and of modification of personal information

At any time, you can contact The Société du Vieux-Port de Montréal to update or delete your personal information.

Contact administrators

If you wish to enlighten certain points concerning our policy of confidentiality or if you have any question or complaint on the practices in use on The Société du Vieux-Port de Montréal's web site, please contact us.