Boatloads of Work! Longshoremen and their world at the Port of Montréal

Your class will head outdoors to explore the Port of Montréal in its heyday, the early 20th century. The port is bustling with activity – longshoremen are busy day and night and new workers, your students, have to be hired. You’ll meet an experienced longshoreman who will take the young recruits under his wing and show them the ropes. They’ll learn their way around the different areas of the port, find out the main types of goods that were loaded and unloaded here and identify the occupational hazards. By the time it’s over, they’ll be ready to join a regular work gang!  

Length : 90 minutes

Boatloads of Work! teacher'sguide ! (.pdf)

Pre-visit activity
A boatload of hidden words (.pdf)

Post-visit activity
Research project on a old-time job (.pdf)  

Offered in English and French on weekdays, April 15 to June 21.
Two departures a day
Maximum of 30 students per group
Reservations required
The program starts at the Montréal Science Centre. See the School Groups, Useful Information  section on the MSC website.

Rates (taxes not included)
$7.25 per student for a half-day (including a self-guided tour of a Montréal Science Centre exhibition).
$10.75 per student for a full day (including a self-guided tour of a Montréal Science Centre exhibition and one IMAX® film).

Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
1 888 558-4423

A Montreal School For All

A Montreal School For All

Boatloads of Work! is one of the cultural outings for young people offered through the A Montreal School for All program.