Past event

A unique culinary event that will highlight local gastronomical talent and bring together leaders of the restaurant industry worldwide for a weekend of tasting, learning, and discovery!  


Saturday September 3 to Monday, September 5

11 am to 11 pm


Order online:

By phone: 1 855 310-2525

(Ticket prices include taxes and service fees)


General admission: $5 (Free access to the site for children 12 and under)


Book your places for:

The Parcours Gourmand* (From noon to 10 pm)

Rechargeable bracelet with virtual coupons with a choice of the following 4 packages:

• The Wanderer: $45 (15 coupons)

• The Explorer: $65 (40 coupons)

• The Adventurer: $85 (65 coupons)

• The Ultimate Package (3 days): $115 (65 coupons and access to the complete lineup of the Parcours, which changes daily)


The Smokehouse* (From 11:30 am to 10:30 pm )

Adult: $40*

Children: $20*

*Prices include the $5 general admission to the site when the tickets to the Parcours Gourmand and the Smokehouse are bought before September 2nd.

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