As of May 10 

Embark on a songful journey to some of America’s greatest musical cities. Follow singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc as he travels to New Orleans, Chicago, Nashville, Miami, New York and more to explore the roots of American music. Meet artists whose way of life is all about making music and sharing music and learn how the influence of the greats like Louis Armstrong and Elvis Presley helped shape today’s sounds.

In these hotbeds of American music, cultures have intertwined and instigated one another to create unique rhythms and sounds found nowhere else in the world. Each chord, each note, each beat tells a story that gives voice to the diversity that makes up America’s soundtrack.

From jazz to the blues, and from soul to rock and roll and country, explore the cultures behind each of these revolutionary genres in this celebration of the trailblazing heritage of American music. A compelling foot-tapping voyage across the melodic landscape that shaped American music and continues to draw us together today. - 40 min.      


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